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Picasa Album Downloader can download photos and complete albums in seconds. Download Picasa Album Downloader for free and download your friends' photos


Easily download photos from Picasa

August 22, 2012
7 / 10

Many people use Picasa to store their photo albums and share them with other contacts. It's an ideal platform to do so, including its own editing tools. Nevertheless, it can happen that you want to download these images to your hard drive and store them locally on a PC. That is why Picasa Album Downloader has been developed.

With this program you can download photos from Picasa both from your own albums as well as the folders of your friends.


  • Download albums and photos of your friends from Picasa.
  • Search for any user based on his/her email.
  • Force the images to download.

Increase your photo collection in seconds

Search for the user who has lodged the images by name. Even search for the name of the photo album you want to download. Select what you want to download on to your computer and activate the button on the lower interface margin: the photos will go directly to the folder established per default on your hard drive.

You can download Picasa Album Downloader free to download photo albums from Picasa in just a few clicks of the mouse.

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