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PIM Xtreme is a powerful personal information manager. Download PIM Xtreme and use this free software to maintain all your things totally organized


Manage your contacts, finances and events for free

January 5, 2015
7 / 10

PIM Xtreme can work out really useful to maintain all the things that influence your life organized, so as to avoid surprises and to make sure that you don't lose important information. It is a free personal information manager that uses a MySQL database to store all the information that you accumulate.

Personal information manager for PC

This tool is divided into various blocks: on the one hand, you have the address book, in which you can include contacts, tasks, notes, events and organize your calendar. In this section you can manage everything that is related to your personal information, to have all the information about the people that you know in the same place, establish alarms that will notify you about the following appointment, or establish priorities for the tasks that you have to carry out.

Another block of PIM Xtreme refers to finances. You can have control of all your bank accounts, your monthly expenses, and income, or create alarms to remind you about the payments that you have to make.

PIM Xtreme is very easy-to-use and will come in very handy to manage all the aspects of your day to day life.

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