Pixel Pick


Pixel Pick is a tool that captures any color that appears on your computer screen. Pixel Pick allows you to save the colors that you like the most


Free tool to select colors

October 25, 2017
8 / 10

Pixel Pick is a simple application with which you'll be able to select colors and extract any tone that appears on the computer screen. Once you have selected the color, Pixel Pick will offer you the information about the tone that you have chosen. You will be able to find out various values about the color like RGB, HEX, CMYK or HSB. If you work in the graphic design field, this tool will come in very handy to save the colors that you may be interested in.

Choose whatever color you want from the palette

When you launch Pixel Pick, your mouse will start to detect all the colors that it passes over, and they will be shown in the application's window. It will also show the following information: the RGB, HEX, CMYK, and HSB values, as well as the position of the pixel on the screen. If you want to save a specific color, you'll only have to press Enter, and Pixel Pick will save it in another screen.

A very interesting tool that can come in very handy for all those people that usually work with colors.

With Pixel Pick, working with this color data is very simple, because by simply clicking on the value that you may be interested in, it will automatically copy to the clipboard and you will be able to paste it wherever you want, for example, on an image editor. Furthermore, you will be able to save this data as an HTML page or as a text file.

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