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PowToon is an entertaining tool to create online presentations. In PowToon you can apply many effects and liven up your slideshows with different characters


Liven up your presentations

June 10, 2014
8 / 10

PowerPoint is the presentation program par excellence. But this serious and complex program isn't always what we need. PowToon is an online alternative to easily create original presentations and videos.

Professional presentations at everyone's reach.

The best thing about PowToon is that it offers us over twenty different templates so that we don't have to start off our project from scratch (some options require previous payment). From there on you'll be able to apply whatever modifications you want. And if you prefer, you can also start you your design from the basics.

Options available in PowToon

  • Possibility to insert wallpapers, images and sounds.
  • Capacity to modify or add new texts, as well as their features.
  • Several effects available to be applied to texts: hand-writing, words that appear one after another, dancing letters...
  • Include static or dynamic characters carrying out different activities, such as speaking, playing the guitar, shouting...
  • Possibility to apply bookmarks, shapes or transitions.

Once you have finished your presentation, you'll be able to export it to YouTube or use its code to embed it into your webpage.

Using PowToon online is very entertaining and allows us to obtain beautiful results.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires that you sign up or log in using your Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn credentials.
  • The free version applies watermarks.
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