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Eliminate the virus, bacteria and crab louse that you encounter once you download Privates for free, a platform games that is focused on sexual education

Sexual education as a platform shooter game

April 20, 2011
7 / 10

Privates is an entertaining game that takes place in a somewhat strange place: the genitals. The characters we control (wearing a latex cap and with weapons that are deadlier than what most people would like in those sensitive areas) are funny cartoon characters that we will have to guide along this platform game.

Platform game focused on sexual education

We will take control of commander Sterling and his squad that will have to clean all the spermatozoon and any trail of virus or bacteria that they encounter in the vagina that we are moving along. To do so we will have various weapons, each with a different purpose, and with the possibility to carry out all kinds of actions. Among which we will find the option to scan all the visible area in search of enemies, so as to be able to decide which is the best weapon to defeat them.

Privates has various levels, all of which are really colorful and with an entertaining design. Most players will have a laugh while they find out which duct they are traveling along while listening to the squad's conversations, as well as being educational for youngsters that as well as fighting will learn something more about reproductive organs and the different infections that may affect our bodies.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It is necessary to have a Shader 2.0 compatible graphic card.
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