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Programmer's Notepad is a free text editor that can be used by developers. Download Programmer's Notepad and you will have everything you require program

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Programmer's Notepad, also known by the abbreviated name pnotepad, it is a simple text editor focused to make it easier to develop applications, because it has all the options that a programmer may need.

  Among the functions that are included in Programmer's Notepad you will find the following:
- Syntax highlighting, that is very useful to identify commands, commentaries,... in the text.
- Possibility to hide or show blocks of code or full functions, that make it easier to understand the code.
- Line numbering.
- Searches, quick searches and replace function.
- Insert and modify markers.
- Code completion that speeds up programming.
- Toolbar customization.
- Possibility to export the code to RTF or HTML.
- Support for a high number of programing languages, among which you will find C++, C#, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Pascal, PHP, Python, Ruby, CSS, LaTeX, Visual Basic, SQL, Perl, …

  Without any doubt, with Programmer's Notepad you will have a dynamic and light environment to create your own projects in multiple programming languages.
Simon Steele
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