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Take part in boxing fights on your Android, Punch Boxing 3D is a boxing simulator in which you can show off all your best punches on a virtual ring

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All boxing's adrenalin rush, now on your phone! Punch Boxing 3D is a boxing game for Android, probably the best when it comes to recreating combats faithfully. It has absolutely everything you need: really fun playability, stunning graphics and animations, and the best simulation of moves and punches thanks to its simple on-screen controls. Hooks, jabs, uppercuts... Combine your best punches with your great footwork to face up to dozens of rivals from all over the world.

A video console game now on your phone.

Main features

  • Over 120 uniforms and boxing equipment elements.
  • Upgrade your boxer and improve your punches by training in the gym.
  • Take part in low-tier championships and climb to the top of the leaderboard.
  • Use power-ups to knock-out your rival.
  • Check the scores given by the judges.

The first thing to do is to shape up your boxer: give him a name and start off with the tutorial where you'll be explained how to swipe across the screen to throw punches, raise your guard or dodge your enemy's attacks. Some of these actions are basically mini-games that require you to tap the screen like mad and provide the fight the dynamism required. From there on, you'll have string punches together to wipe out your rival's stamina. But be careful because you'll soon get tired if you never stop throwing punches. Once you're stringing punches together, you'll be able to throw a last huge blow with the typical extra power button.

Show me the money.

By winning fights you'll be able to earn money, buy new accessories and continue to advance towards the summit of world boxing. Don't forget to go to the gym between fight and fight as weightlifting will make you stronger in the ring.

Requirements and additional information:
Antony Peel
Antony Peel
61 MB

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