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Learn to use the mouse with these kids games

December 4, 2009
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When the small ones of the house (and some adults) start to use the computer, one of the most difficult things to assimilate is the way the mouse works. A device that when moved around the table moves the cursor on the screen in the same direction. It also has two buttons that you can use to "do things" on the computer. It is something that you have to get used to, and there is nothing better than doing it with PySyCache.

Teach your kids how to handle a mouse

This simple application has been developed to assimilate as soon as possible the use of a mouse, its buttons and the "drag and drop" action. It is aimed at children that are learning to use a computer, but it can also be used by adults that have never used one.

The application uses games to develop mouse skills, giving the user a maximum amount of time to finish a task, these include forming an image with puzzle pieces or drag objects to certain places of the screen.

Requirements and additional information:

  • You have to modify the Operating Folder for "C:/Program Files/Pysycache/" in the shortcut created on the desktop.
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