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Ratatype is an online service to learn how to type. Sign up right now and access online courses to learn techniques and tricks to write faster and better
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Typing fast on a computer doesn’t necessarily mean writing well... Wouldn’t you just love being a typing master combining speed and accuracy on your keyboard? Well, that’s precisely what you can achieve by signing up on Ratatype, an online service thanks to which you can improve your typewriting skills.

An online typing tutor with free lessons

It’s a web application that offers us online typing lessons totally free of charge. For such purpose, we only have to take part in an initial test to find out our level with a simple text. Once completed, we’ll be ranked within three typing levels into which all users are classified, receiving a certificate to prove our skills:

  • Silver level: 40 words per minute with an accuracy rate of at least 96%.
  • Gold level: 50 words per minute with an accuracy rate of at least 98.7%.
  • Platinum level: 70 words per minute with an accuracy rate of at least 99.5%.

Once we’ve finished the test, to be able to access our certificate and the full course, we have to sign up as a user with our Facebook account or an email address. The lessons are intended not only to help us to learn how to write faster but also to do so without even looking at our keyboard and using all ten fingers. We’ll also find tips and advice to improve your technique (relative to your body posture or finger movements) and we’ll be able to use different keyboard layouts in different languages: English, Spanish, French, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Ratatype for teachers

This service also offers teachers the possibility to create a profile by means of which they can teach their students. They can create groups easily, for free and without any limits in order to monitor their progress with all sorts of stats, being able to correct different aspects in a customized manner.

Don’t think twice: do you need to improve your typing skills? Sign up on Ratatype right now.

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