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0.74 Rescatux is a tool that allows you to restore your hard disk's MBR and recover Linux partitions that may have been damaged by a Windows installation
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The MBR or Master Boot Record is the sector that stores the information about the different partitions of the hard drive, as well as the operating systems installed. Sometimes, sharing Linux and Windows on the same computer, may cause certain conflicts in which Windows damages the Linux registry.

You can solve conflicts generated by a Windows install on Linux.

Restore your Linux partition

If we've ever had this problem, Rescatux is a tool that can help us to solve it. It's a Live CD that launches a program that in a few simple steps can restore the MBR just as it used to be at the beginning.

  • Check and fix system files.
  • Clear Windows user passwords.
  • Change Linux passwords.
  • Regenerate file sudoers.
  • Restore the GRand Unifier Bootloader.
  • Update GRUB menus.
  • Restore the Windows MBR.
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Antony Peel
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