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Keep your operating system clean of junk or unwanted files and running at peak performance with BleachBit, a tool that will free up your disk space


System cleaning tool alternative to CCleaner

November 26, 2021
7 / 10

If you need a tool to clean up your operating system and keep it at the optimum performance, you can try BleachBit. With this app, you can get rid of junk files from the system and also free up disk space.

Alternative to CCleaner for Linux

This software provides the user with a cleaning method that is easy to use and as intuitive as those seen in other operating systems such as Windows or macOS. Note that Linux is also not exempt from the maintenance operations inherent in its use. That is why you might want to download an application like this one, which is easy to use and will free you from complicating your life.

These are the main features it offers:

  • Delete browser cache, history, temp, cookies, and more.
  • Deletion of broken shortcuts.
  • Cleaning and overwriting of free disk space
  • Removal of unused locations.
  • Deleting unnecessary backups.

This maintenance software will allow you to free up disk space as mentioned above but will also help you maintain your privacy, improve system performance, prepare the disk for image compression, and prepare backups, among others. But remember, when using it, be careful about what you erase and what you do not erase.

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