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BleachBit removes all the unnecessary and outdated files from your system that are using up all your free space. Download BleachBit free of charge


Free space on your hard drive in the easiest way

November 26, 2021
8 / 10

On many occasions we realize that we have lost lots of space on our hard drive and that we don't know how this space has been occupied because we haven't downloaded many files or haven't copied any large files to our computer, but the truth is that a great part of the lost space on our hard drive is due to the use of the most common applications, because they save file copies or use temporary files.

Delete all the unnecessary files

BleachBit will help us to clear out even the last unnecessary file from our system, because it offers compatibility with the most common programs (OpenOffice, Firefox, Safari, Flash, Second Life viewer, Skype, Adobe Reader,...). The application will delete all the obsolete or unnecessary files generated by this kind of tools, thus managing to gain a lot of space on our hard drive.

If you want to delete all the traces that web browsers or applications have left behind, or you simply want to free some space on your hard drive without having to search through every single system folder, download BleachBit and make the task easier.

Antony Peel

A Telecommunications Engineer, chance led me to the translation industry, where after a few years, I discovered another side of the world of technology while translating what others were writing about mobile applications and software. That...