The best security tools for Linux

Protect your computer against any kind of threat in the form of viruses, malware or ransomware thanks to this list of security tools with which you can install firewalls, antiviruses, and make backups on your Linux

Kismet 2022.08.R1 English
Kismet 2022.08.R1

Check the configuration and security of your Wi-Fi connection

Rescatux 0.74 English
Rescatux 0.74

Restore the MBR of your hard drive

BleachBit 4.4.2 English
BleachBit 4.4.2

System cleaning tool alternative to CCleaner

netcat 1.10 English
netcat 1.10

Audit your PC's incoming and outgoing traffic

Firestarter 1.0.3 English

A modern firewall for Linux

chkrootkit 0.53 English

A tool to detect Trojans

Firejail 0.9.66 English
Firejail 0.9.66

SUID program to reduce risks in security breaches

CryptoFS 0.6.0 English
CryptoFS 0.6.0

Protect your files by means of encryption

luckyBackup 0.5.0 English

Carry out backups of your files on Linux