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0.5.0 luckyBackup is a software application capable of carrying out backups very easily on Linux. Maintain the contents of your computer safe with luckyBackup
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Unfortunately, bad things happen to home and work computers more often than desired. Nearly everyone has found themselves in the situation in which they have lost all the contents of their computer due to a malware infection or a similar misfortune. That is why it is necessary to carry out backups of the contents that will allow you to recover all your files and information if that unlucky event were ever to occur.

Your insurance policy against inconvenient information losses

luckyBackup is a software application specialized in the creation of backups of a computer. Cloning this content is the perfect option to avoid that it is lost. What's more, this software allows you to modify the backups that have been completed whenever something is changed on the computer.

What's more, it can also take captures, in other words, images of the data regarding a specific moment, synchronize folders, specify folders to complete copies or to exclude them from the process... The different functions are also accessible from the command line. In any case, the software has been developed to be easy-to-use, thus it is possible to choose between carrying out the basic process or going in-depth into the options.

What's more, it has a simulation mode in which it is possible to carry out a backup without touching anything, just allowing you to check if the process works properly.

Requirements and additional information:
  • This download only works on Debian or distributions based on the latter.
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