Reto Multiplicado

Reto Multiplicado will show you the multiplication tables while you play. Download Reto Multiplicado to have a good time while you learn to multiply

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Learning the multiplication tables is usually a boring task of memorization for kids. Nevertheless, it is possible to make learning them easier if we add a recreational component that makes the process more entertaining and enjoyable. That is exactly what Reto Multiplicado does.

Reto Multiplicado is a platform game designed specifically to ease and consolidate the memorization of the multiplication tables, though entertaining tests.

Main features

  • 11 levels, each one of them dedicated to reviewing one of the multiplication tables comprised between the 2 and the 12 times table.
  • Possibility to choose between two different game formats: a learning mode that shows the result of the operation at the top of the screen, and a review mode that keeps the result hidden.
  • Possibility to choose between sequential or selective mode.

Download Reto Multiplicado and test the many advantages that it has for the youngest ones of the household, because not only will you manage that they learn the multiplication tables while enjoying themselves, they will also familiarize themselves with how the computer works.

Requirements and additional information:
  • The demo limits the number of levels that you can play and doesn't allow you to change the game mode.
Pablo Arboleda
Over a year ago
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