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RogueKiller is a very interesting antivirus which offers the user real time protection against malware, virus cleaning and antiansomware protection


Protect your computer against any malware

October 5, 2022
8 / 10

If you need an antivirus that allows you to cover the most sensitive areas of your operating system to keep it safe from any potential threat, one of the options you have at your disposal is RogueKiller. This antivirus is a lightweight tool that will allow you to scan your computer and detect any type of danger in the form of malware.

Three in one: virus cleaner, document protection and anti-malware protection

This software is already a classic of antivirus software. These are the three main functions it offers to the user:

  • Virus cleaner: it has a powerful detection engine capable of detecting known viruses as well as others that are not in its database by investigating suspicious behavior and operating patterns.
  • Anti-malware protection: It has real-time protection that allows it to detect potential threats, even the most modern ones of the new generation.
  • Document protection: One of the objectives of cyber-criminals is to kidnap documents and sensitive information from your computer. That's why it offers an advanced anti-virus protection system.

In short, this is a very useful tool for keeping your computer protected and safe from any danger. It offers a free and functional version of the software with basic options but you can extend them by accessing its payment method which you can access from the app itself.

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