Sakura is a plain text editor with plenty of options. One of the most important features of Sakura is that it supports characters coded in Japanese


Open source plain text editor

November 7, 2018
7 / 10

Sakura is a plain text editor that can be used as a perfect alternative to other editors in its same category. In this editor, we'll find options that are also present in other similar tools, from the most simple functions to search and replace characters in a text, to the creation and loading of macros. However, it stands out due to the depth of some of these tools, as there are very few editors that offer so many possibilities to carry out the same actions.

A text editor that supports Japanese characters.

Main features of Sakura

  • Plenty of options for the edition of text lines.
  • Configuration of cursor movements.
  • Keyboard shortcuts to select texts.
  • Full-text conversion from upper to lower case.
  • Creation and execution of macros.
  • Support for several types of encoding.

Working with texts in Japanese

But if Sakura is especially useful for something, it's definitely because we can work with texts in Japanese. As you can imagine due to its name, it's a tool developed in Japan, and therefore, it supports characters that aren't usually included in other editors. Together with its open-source nature, this feature is the best calling card for this text editor.

Requirements and additional information:

  • To configure the language, you have to go to the Option (O) menu, select the Common Settings (C) list. When the new window opens, go to the ウィンドウ(Window) tab and choose the language from the 言語 (Language) drop-down menu.
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