Q10 is a text processor designed so that the user can concentrate. After you download Q10 for free you will no longer be bothered by external elements


The lightest text processor around

January 13, 2011
6 / 10

On some occasions, especially for writers and newspaper columnists, it is necessary to have a very simple text processor that will allow you to write down all the ideas that come to mind without having to deal with a full set of overwhelming options, that is exactly what Q10 offers.

The lightest text editor

From an interface that occupies the entire screen, Q10 only shows the writing area and an information bar at the bottom with some of the specific data about the text that is currently being worked on, with the possibility to hide the information bar as well.

To make the writing experience even better, and to make sure that it bothers the user as little as possible, the program offers the possibility to change the background color as well as the text's color from the application's options menu.

Q10 includes another tool that the majority of basic text processors lack, a spellchecker, to be able to change any error that may have slipped into the text during a long writing session.

Therefore, if you want a lightweight text processor that won't bother you while you write, download and install Q10.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The languages can be changed by pressing "Ctrl+L" and selecting it on the menu that appears.
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