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Microsoft Excel is the spreadsheet tool belonging to the Office suite with which you can work comfortably with tables, charts and macros from your PC

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What is Excel and what's it for?

Excel is a program that belongs to the Microsoft Office suite, a software to work with spreadsheets that is mainly used for math and financial tasks. It allows the user to create tables that include math calculations solved by means of math operators or automatically by means of formulas that are called functions and that can be configured manually. Furthermore, it also allows us to view the data graphically by means of different types of representations such as charts, for instance. The purpose of the latter can be different depending on our needs and the possibilities offered by this software are very broad. We can use it to carry out simple additions or even integrals, as well as the creation of graphics, the generation of reports or the organization of non-numeric information.

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How to lock cells in Excel

To be able to lock one or more cells in Excel, you only have to do the following:

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How to install Excel

To be able to install Excel, you have no other option than to download Microsoft Office and run the installation program. For such purpose, you have to follow these steps:

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