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Microsoft Word is definitely the best text editor around. Its different functions have turned into the best option to create and edit written documents

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What is Word and what's it for?

Microsoft Word is a computer program aimed at text processing. Therefore, it can be used to write texts for any purpose: academic, professional, creative… It comes along with a complete pack of tools that allow use to modify the format of our write. The latter let us modify from the type and size of the font to the design of the page, as well as including graphical elements such as images or tables. It also allows us to add multimedia video and audio files but that isn’t very useful if we’re thinking about printing our document.

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How to convert Word to PDF

Exporting any document is really easy, and we only have to follow these steps:

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How to convert PDF to Word

Converting any PDF document to an editable Word format isn’t at all difficult. In fact, Microsoft Word itself can be used as a converter from PDF to Word. Just open a PDF document from the File by selecting the Open option to have access to the latter in .DOCX format that can be edited however you wish. We can do so without any trouble if the PDF to be converted has been generated by mean of Word’s own tool that we can find in the File menu with the Export function. In that case, we can open the document and modify its structure and contents without problems.

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