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Santa Ride! 2 is a game that consists in gathering the presents and delivering them to the houses that the game indicates. Download Santa Ride! 2 to your PC


Help Santa Claus to deliver Christmas presents

December 23, 2011
7 / 10

If there is a Christmas character that almost all children know, it has to be Santa Claus, also known as Father Christmas. He has a very special job, to deliver all the presents to the houses of the children that have been good boys and girls during the year.

Santa Ride! 2 is a game in which the player will have to help this famous character to deliver all the Christmas presents that have fallen out of his sack.

The game system is really simple, we have to pick up a present and then follow the arrow's indications to reach the house of the boy or girl that the Christmas present belongs to.

To be able to throws the presents to the correct houses, we have to press the spacebar and then notify the child visited by pressing H.

During his journey, Santa Claus may encounter different bonuses that will help him out during this ordeal, such as carrots that will speed up the sleigh, simper controls or other similar aids.

Download Santa Ride! 2 and help Santa Claus to recover and deliver the Christmas presents.

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