Study geography in depth thanks to Seterra. Locate the position of each country and relate them with a flag once you have downloaded Seterra for free

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One of the subjects that most primary and secondary students find difficult and have problems with is geography, especially when it comes to identifying countries and cities on a map, or even identifying the flags of the different countries.

To be able to make the learning task a lot more simple and entertaining, we can use an application like Seterra. This application includes a total of seventy different geography exercises.

Learn geography in a very entertaining manner

Seterra divides the exercises into regions, allowing users to choose between exercises about Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Australia or all the World. Within each area, we will have various exercises in which we will have to select the proper location or the proper name with the mouse cursor.

In general, these exercises can be divided into three different types: select a country on the map, select cities or identify flags. Once each exercise is finished, the program will open a ranking with the result obtained by the user, and a list of the best scores.

Therefore, if you want to study geography in an entertaining manner or you are simply a geography fan in search of a game, download Seterra.

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Antony Peel
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