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2.1.2 Simple Machines Forum is a forum system. Create your own Internet forum easily and enjoy all its features by downloading Simple Machines Forum for free
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Creating your own space on the Internet is becoming easier and easier. There are many platforms dedicated to the creation of web pages or blogs, and there are also some that can be used to create debate and discussion forums for users, such as Simple Machines Forum.

Configure your own online community in a matter of minutes.

SMF is a content management system (CMS) focused on the management and administration of forums on the Internet. You will hardly need any advanced knowledge to get your space running in a quick and simple manner, offering your users a world of possibilities.

Basic features of Simple Machines Forum

  • Developed totally in PHP.
  • MySQL database management system.
  • Simple guided installation method.
  • Allows the creation of sub-forums.
  • SSI function: integrates the forum into your website.
  • Wide range of customisable themes.
  • Integrated "karma" system.

Your forum ready in minutes

You will only need basic knowledge about web servers and databases to start up your project. Simple Machines Forum is, together with vBulletin and phpBB, the most used forum system on the Internet. Download Simple Machines Forum for free!

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Antony Peel
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