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Can you never find the songs you like in karaoke? With SingPlay you can transform your favorite songs into karaoke versions, sing them and record them

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The KineMaster Corporation studio has made the dream of many aspiring singers come true with this fun tool. With this app we can turn our Android into a karaoke machine. It's as simple as downloading the APK file and touching a button. Let us tell you how it works.

A versatile and pocket-sized karaoke machine

This is one of those essential apps for anyone who enjoys singing all the time. SingPlay is all we need to turn our smartphone into a karaoke machine.

You simply have to search your phone's memory for the song you want to sing and hit play. We can sing it with or without the original voice of the artist in the background. To remove the voice, just touch the microphone icon. You can then listen to the instrumental version of the song and sing it in karaoke mode.

It automatically converts the music on your smartphone into a karaoke track.

Hit the note on your Android

From the tools menu we can adjust the tone and rhythm of the song to our singing style. Also, if we play the cover of the song we can see the lyrics... if the music file has them included. If not, we can always enter the lyrics by hand.

Finally, this app also offers us the option to record our singing and shrieking so we can listen to our own version of the songs whenever we want. And on top of that, it's super easy to use and works without an internet connection. This karaoke app is really cool.

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Laura Stutt
Laura Stutt
KineMaster Corporation
This year
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