SiSoftware Sandra

2018 28.45

Test all your computer's modules with SiSoftware Sandra. Perform a benchmark of your PC and obtain a complete report by downloading SiSoftware Sandra free

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SiSoftware Sandra is a specific application to carry out a benchmark test on your computer, but it's also a program that is valid to check and diagnose a computer that you're connected to remotely, the virtual machines that you have installed and other devices like PDAs and smartphones.

Analyze, diagnose and put your computer to the test.

Unlike other similar utilities, SiSoftware Sandra doesn't remain on the surface, it goes a step further: it thoroughly tests all the modules of your computer, analyzing the underlying implementation and showing complete information about them, as a list.

Elements analyzed by SiSoftware Sandra

Some of the components analyzed are:

  • CPU.
  • Chipset.
  • Video adapter.
  • Printers connected to the computer.
  • Sound card.
  • Memory.
  • Network.
  • Connections.

Once you have obtained the information, you'll be able to save it in several formats (text file, HTML, XML,...) to check it at any other moment, print it or, even, send it by email or fax.

Requirements and additional information:
  • You can use the application free of charge for personal use only.
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