To run a business you can use Skynet, a software application that offers you the essential tools to control and manage the slightest detail of your company

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If you don't want to worry too much, Skynet is the application that you require to manage almost every single aspect of your company. This software can cover the function of your cash register to print out your receipts or as the warehouse manager.

Management software for your company

Thanks to the fact that it's a really complete program, Skynet will be able to gracefully keep account books, reports of financial status, complete stocktaking, information on all the workers, customers and suppliers, purchases with and without invoices, control of the payments, create pro forma invoices and sales orders, print out reports of full areas and, among other things, it won't have any problem to maintain full control of everything that is happening in a company.

Its interface is full of icons and help files that will help the user to understand how it works and make its comprehension easier, so it won't be at all complicated to dominate the application in a matter of minutes. Thanks to this, all the accounts will be balanced, and everything will work without problems.

Requirements and additional information:

  • It's necessary to have MySQL 4.1 configured without a root password.
  • Doesn't work on Windows Vista.
  • Some options are only available in the extended (pay-to-use) version.
  • The username and password to start the application for the first time are: skynet and sk.

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