Business Management Software for Windows

The applications of this category of business management software for Windows will allow you to manage any business or SME from your computer

WinQSB 2.0 English
WinQSB 2.0

Pack of tools to solve operational investigation problems

uniCenta 4.6.1 English
uniCenta 4.6.1

An open source POS for your business

Skynet 10.5.1 English
Skynet 10.5.1

Manage every single aspect of your company with this app

OrangeHRM 4.7 English

Manages the human resources area

TimeTrex 12.4.1 English
TimeTrex 12.4.1

Software for the management of human resources

Express Invoice 7.28 English

Control your company's invoicing

TempusBasic English

Manage the shifts of your company

SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.20 English
SugarCRM Community Edition 6.5.20

Manage the relationship of your business with your customers

vtiger CRM 7.2.0 English
vtiger CRM 7.2.0

Versatile management tool for SMEs

Car Wash Calendar 3.6 English

Manage your own car wash busines

ContaNet 5.0.0 English
ContaNet 5.0.0

Tools for the commercial management of any company

SeniorFactu 2019 2.4.13 English
SeniorFactu 2019 2.4.13

Manage all your company's invoices

ZGestión 2023 English
ZGestión 2023

Management and billing software for any company

MSD Employees 4.30 English

Control all the information about your workers