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Solitaire Grand Harvest is a mobile application game for Android devices where we can play Tri Peaks solitaire while we grow fruits on our own farm

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Tri Peaks is a highly entertaining solitaire card game. But well, what if we were to add something else to make it even better? The Supertreat studio invites us to play the classic card game (in a virtual version) while harvesting fruits and vegetables on our farm to earn some coins. Also, a friendly puppy with a curious resemblance to Max, the main character in the film Pets, accompanies us. Would you like to try it?

Play cards to make your plants produce fruits

At Solitaire Grand Harvest, we can play Tri Peaks Solitaire through hundreds of levels. To play the game, there are several cards placed in a pyramid on the table, and a deck. The cards on the table must be placed in the deck, and you can only place cards that are one number higher or lower. The goal is to clear the table before we run out of cards in the deck.

Pick your crops every hour to get even more rewards!

And that is basically what we will have to do in this game for mobile devices. But we also have a little help: if we place many cards in a row, the bonus bar will fill up and we will win an extra card for the deck.

Every time we play a level, we will have to pay a fee in credits. To get these credits, we will need to harvest our farm crops. The crops will be filled up from time to time, so it will be important to get into the game through the day to get more rewards. This way, the game offers a nice additional element that makes it creative and exciting.

On the other hand, the two-dimensional graphics are cute, and the music is peaceful, making it an ideal game to relax. If you want to play the most original Tri Peaks available for Android, it is time for you to download the APK file.

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Manuel Sánchez
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