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SolSuite is an application that gathers a large collection of solitaires to have a good time with this board game. Download SolSuite and enjoy yourself


Play more than 650 types of solitaire

February 28, 2019
8 / 10

SolSuite is a complete collection of solitaire games, especially designed for all those users that have a good time playing at card games. With a very modern interface, that somewhat resembles that of the Microsoft Office suite, SolSuite offers many possibilities to play a large array of solitaire games with their variants.

Over 650 varieties of solitaire available

In the first place, SolSuite allows us to choose the character that we want to use in the game, just like an avatar. After that we'll have to select the design that we want to use on the front of the cards. We will be able to choose between a modern, classic, English or medieval design. We'll also have various to choose from for the back of the deck of cards.

If you really like solitaire games, this collection will surely keep you entertained for quite some time.

Once we have completed these configurations, we'll only have to choose the solitaire that we want to play. We will have more than 650 solitaire games to keep us busy. If we don't know how to play at one of the variants, we will be able to resort to the help file so that it explains us how to play.

Furthermore, while we're playing, the game offers an additional aid, to undo or redo a movement.

Requirements and additional information:

  • The trial version will only allow us to play each game three times.

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