Spy Emergency

2023 25.0.950

Spy Emergency analyzes your computer in search of spyware and any other malware to eliminate it. Eliminate the spyware from your computer with Spy Emergency


Detect and eliminate any spyware from your computer

November 9, 2023
6 / 10

Spy Emergency is a powerful tool to eliminate the spyware from your PC, but not only that, because it only presents itself as an efficient solution in the fight against spam and all kinds of malware.

To be able to face the threats coming from the Internet, Spy Emergency includes active real-time protection. What's more, it allows you to update the database of the application and scan the computer at the moment that you consider appropriate.

The main functions of Spy Emergency are:

  • Intuitive interface, that is easy to handle even for less experienced users.
  • Protection against all kinds of malware: spyware, publicity, trojans, spam,...
  • Possibility to place files in quarantine to study their danger level.
  • Automatic daily database updates.

Download Spy Emergency and avoid that bothersome publicity floods your mail and that malware infects your computer.

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