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With Steviedisco 3D Chess you will be able to play chess in three dimensions. Download Steviedisco 3D Chess and practice moves and tactics with its 3D board

Play chess in 3D

September 13, 2010
7 / 10

Steviedisco 3D Chess will allow you to play chess in a 3D environment. If you're a chess enthusiast, you will really like this program. Steviedisco 3D Chess will allow you to play against the computer or another person. You will also be able to select the difficulty level of the game.

Software to play chess

By means of appealing 3D graphics, Steviedisco 3D Chess will allow you to concentrate on the game and feel as if you have a real chessboard in front of yours. Once the game starts, we will have to choose the piece that we want to move and the place where we want to place it. If the movement is correct, the destination box will be shown in green. If it is incorrect it will be red.

Thus, we can also learn to play chess, learning the proper movements for each piece. Once we have chosen the piece and the position, a three-dimensional hand will carry out the movement. Steviedisco 3D Chess needs a graphic engine to work properly, and it's compatible with Direct 3D 7, Direct 3D 9 and OpenGL. Learn how to play chess and take part in interesting games with Steviedisco 3D Chess.

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