Super Mario War Linux

1.8 Beta 2

Enjoy Super Mario War on your Linux platform. Download Super Mario War free, a pack of multiplayer fight games. It even includes a free screen editor!

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Now that Mario, the iconic figure of Nintendo is starting to be better known than Mickey Mouse by children all around the world, new games like Super Mario War appear, where he'll have to take part in entertaining battles against his friends in multiplayer games.

  We all know Mario as the main character of several platform games, even though he has appeared in various other games, the truth is that he has never had to take part in a battle in the different levels. In Super Mario War you'll find more than 1,000 maps inspired on the classic Mushroom Realm.

  The game includes a level editor by means of which you can create more maps for our battles and it is possible to play with up to four friends in the different game modes. Furthermore, if we don't want to make use of the online mode, the game allows you to play against characters controlled by the CPU.

  So, now you know, if you want to beat your friends in Super Mario War, jump on top of Peach, Luigi, Wario and the other characters as if they were the usual enemies from the Mario games and manage to be the last standing.
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