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Download Synfig Studio for free, a creative center for the creation and design of 2D vector animations. Synfig Studio is an open source software application


2D animations by means of vector images

January 8, 2021
7 / 10

If you're into animating, you'll like Synfig Studio, an open-source program that offers you everything you need to create 2D animations by means of vector illustrations.

The quality of the resulting animations is very high, especially if we take into account that this software doesn't work with a frame system, allowing us to generate the animations with a minimum amount of resources and maintain the final quality of the product.


  • Independent spatial resolution. Avoid pixels by working with elements based on vectors.
  • Interpolation generated directly by the software, accomplishing very smooth animations.
  • HDRI processing to improve the illumination, the composition of the colors and the effects.
  • Drawing tool capable of detecting drawing pads.

A 2D animation tool at your creativity's service

The workflow with Synfig Studio is no different from that of other similar pay-to-use applications. In the central panel, the user will view the figure that is being worked on, while the additional floating windows will provide access to layers, the history, and the rest of the tools.

The program offers a series of templates created with drawings. You'll be able to check out its features first hand in just a few minutes.

If you like creating artistic animations, you have to download Synfig Studio for free to create your own vector animations.

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