Telegram secret chat: what it is and how to create it

Telegram offers instant messaging between users. To protect those conversations that may contain confidential or sensitive content, the app includes a secret chat. What is it? What is the difference between a secret chat and a regular Telegram chat? How can you create one?

The secret chat in Telegram

A secret chat is a type of Telegram conversation with additional features and functions to regular chats focused on privacy. It is used when you want to have conversations with an additional layer of security, resulting in end-to-end cryptographic encryption, message self-destruction options, protections against message forwarding or screenshots, and more. Messages are not stored in the cloud and are only visible on the devices of the sender and receiver of the messages.

Differences between secret and normal chat

The first difference is major and involves the type of encryption. Although it is true that by default all Telegram conversations are encrypted, those conversations that we send through a secret chat use end-to-end encryption. It means that the encryption key is known only to the two devices involved, meaning no one can access the conversation content. The latter statement includes the Telegram team members.

Another notable difference between a regular and a secret chat is that the content is not stored in the cloud. Therefore, conversations secured by the secret chat feature are only accessible from the device where you started them and cannot be viewed on other devices.

Finally, the secret chat has some interesting additional features. For example, it enables self-destruction of messages, videos, photos, and files after some time. Obviously, the data on both devices is deleted. In addition, it offers some protection against screenshots by preventing them in many cases and alerting you if the receiver takes them.

How to create a secret chat in Telegram

To start a secret chat, you just need to follow a few simple steps. Go to the main Telegram screen and open the main menu.

Open main menuOpen main menu

Then, tap on New Secret Chat.

Creating a secret chatCreating a secret chat

Look for the user you want to talk to and select it.

Choose a user for the secret chatChoose a user for the secret chat

At that moment, a notification will be sent to the other user allowing them to join the secret chat.

As already mentioned, it is possible to set a self-destruct timer for messages and files. We cannot show you this process through screenshots. However, we explain it to you in a simple way. To customize the time, tap on the chat menu and choose the Set self-destruct time option. You can choose a self-destruct time from one second to one week.