Tencent WeGame

Tencent WeGame is a portal for purchasing and downloading video games from the Chinese company which wants to compete with platforms like Origin and Steam

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Tencent is one of the largest video-game development companies in Asia. It has set out to compete directly with sector giants, like Steam and Origin, who distribute online. And it does it through its own platform - Tencent WeGame.

Purchase and download games at the Tencent online store

Its functioning is similar to that of Steam. This means that once registered, users can browse the catalog and download the game they want onto their PCs once they have bought it. The game catalog is varied, allowing you to browse different content categories, though, as you would expect, it is adapted to the preferences of Chinese users. So, if you are a fan of Chinese culture this is the perfect place to find a large number of games with Chinese references.

For the moment, the portal is only available in Chinese and the number of games available is limited. However, it is expected to arrive in the West at any moment, meaning that it should be available in more languages and the its catalog will grow.

Download the Tencent video-game online store now and discover what games it has to offer.

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