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Would you like to know what was top of the charts in the year you were born? Relive the songs of your childhood with The Nostalgia Machine web app


Discover golden oldies

November 13, 2022
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Have you ever wondered what songs were top of the charts in the year you were born? Or what music was playing in the year humankind took its first steps on the moon? If you are curious, this app has the answers.

A trip down memory lane

The Nostalgia Machine is a very simple free web app that invites us to discover the songs and music that were taking the world by storm in the recent past. The app covers the period from 1951 to 2015.

How does it work? All we have to do is enter the year in the date panel and tap on Hit Me! Next, the interface will show us a list of songs that left their mark on the era and a link to YouTube so that we can play the video without leaving the app.

Parenthetically, the developer recommends we choose a year from our early years. This will allow us to take a trip back to our childhood, regardless of our age.

Music lovers will be especially fond of this app. The only snag is that the tool has been around for quite a while, so some of the YouTube links may no longer work.

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