Download TinyCAD free and you will be able to design and develop printed circuit boards. TinyCAD can also be used to check out how the circuits are working

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Within electronics it's very important to have a program that allows you to design printed circuit boards with all kinds of details in the most simple way, and even better still if it includes a really large symbol library. TinyCAD is an application designed to carry out this kind of task, with a really intuitive interface that is ideal for both beginners and experts in electronics.

  The program is basically a drawing tool adapted to be used together with FreePCB. It offers great ease when it comes to exporting our work, so that we can store our projects in PNG format, in such a way that it is a lot simpler to publish our designs on a website or to use them in any document.

  Once a circuit is completed, TinyCAD offers us the possibility to be able to integrate it into SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuits Emphasis), with the objective of checking the printed circuit board's functioning.

  If you're looking for a simple and free application to design circuits, TinyCAD is probably an option worth taking into account.
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