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Trinus VR Server allows you to turn your phone into a virtual reality headset with different user profiles for games or any other kind of VR application


Turn your smartphone into a virtual reality headset

May 30, 2018
8 / 10

The technology applied to Android and iOS smartphones has led them to become affordable virtual reality systems at anyone's reach. By using a simple cardboard support as in the case of Google Cardboard, you can configure your phone as a headset to make the most of video games, movies or any other system prepared to offer a VR experience at home.

How to use your phone as a virtual reality system

And to be able to use those devices you can make use of a program like Trinus VR Server that comes along with everything you need to turn your phone into a virtual reality headset if you haven't got enough money to buy Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

How it works is very simple: you need to install this program on your computer and the APK on your Android smartphone or download the official app from iTunes if you use an iPhone. Then, you can sync your phone and your computer and control different parameters to use your smartphone, such as the following:

  • System to connect the PC to the smartphone: wifi, Ethernet cable, Trinus Hotspot, USB cable, etc.
  • Resolution.
  • Graphical performance.
  • Lens calibration.
  • Smartphone options.
  • Solution to possible problems.
  • Compatibility guide for Steam systems.

Furthermore, it comes along with a menu from which you can configure different preset profiles to be able to use them with different games and applications by simply loading them.

You'll be able to enjoy a full 3D experience that's easy to configure and for which purpose you'll only need to meet some very simple requirements: smartphone with gyroscope (nowadays, all phones have one), a wifi network or USB cable, and a VR headset support for your phone.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Requires having the app installed on your smartphone.

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