free XAPK 8 5 Malavida Safety First Verified Safety will put the questions to us and we will have to answer by betting just like in the shows The Million Dollar Drop Live or Catch a Million


Fun quiz game where we bet with stick figures

May 17, 2024
8 / 10

This arcade game from the 8SEC Games studio is a fun quiz game which works in a very similar way to the TV shows mentioned above. Choose your answer and move the characters to the right answer and press on it.

Wavering? Then spread your stick-figure characters across the different options. Those that you place on the wrong answers will drop taking some of your winnings with them. That is why you will have to think very carefully before putting at risk the little men who personify your winnings.

Enhance your experience

But is not just about answering questions, getting to feel very clever and winning virtual money. It is also about customizing your game experience by switching the little men for other figures, like pineapples, dogs or snowmen. It will also be very important to invest your winnings in improving the different features that will help you win money faster:

  • Number of characters (for betting).
  • Each character's value.
  • Incremental rewards.

Read the question and place your guys on the answers!

You will also be able to take part in temporary events and missions with different features. And although the game's interface is not brilliant, it is pleasant enough and allows us to enjoy a fairly novel experience on Android compared to other trivia type games in the catalog. The downside is the deluge of ads, but you already know how that works.

Requirements and additional information:

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