TunnelBear allows you to connect to the Internet through another country's IP. Avoid trackers and some countries' restrictions by browsing with TunnelBear

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The main aim of TunnelBear is that we can browse the Internet with absolute freedom. It's a proxy that allows us to access the Internet using IPs from other countries. Thus, we can access sites with geographic restrictions with no problems at all. Furthermore, with TunnelBear we can avoid bothersome trackers with adverts.

Enjoy an open Internet without restrictions.

How it works

One of the best things about TunnelBear is how easy it is to use. Once installing it, we have to create a free account. After following the steps indicated, the application will be ready to be used. We'll only have to move the switch to ON and choose one of the countries available to connect through that IP. Once connected, we'll be fully protected.

Main features

  • Allows private browsing as it hides our IP address and protects our data.
  • We can access any page despite geographic restrictions and other censorships.
  • Blocks trackers from different websites, as well as adverts, scripts or social network buttons.

A great way to browse the Internet in a secure manner and without restrictions. Download TunnelBear for free.

Requirements and additional information:
  • Requires the creation of a free account.
  • The free version limits the monthly data transfer to 500 MB, extendible to 1 GB.
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