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NordVPN offers its users all the guarantees to browse the Internet with total freedom and without the risk of having their private data intercepted


The best VPN to browse safely and privately

July 4, 2023
9 / 10

Browsing the Internet is getting more and more dangerous by the day due to the countless threats that we may be exposed to if we're not very careful. One of the precautions we have to take when it comes to browsing safely is the installation of a program that provides us with a VPN service, as it will make our browsing experience anonymous and, therefore, nobody will be able to know who we are or what we do online.

The best VPN according to the opinion of experts

As usual in the case of tools that create virtual private networks (VPNs), our Internet activity remains and private and safe by protecting the three following aspects:

  • Browse the Internet without restrictions: access online contents without any kind of geographical limitations. In other words, if you can't use a P2P service, watch a YouTube video or access a web blocked in your country, you can now access those contents without censorship. Some people use it to watch Netflix in other countries.
  • Security of WiFi networks: you can use public wireless networks without worrying about the safety of your private data, such as banking information, as they won't be intercepted thanks to the encryption of data traffic.
  • Absolute privacy: your activity on the Internet becomes fully anonymous as you'll use a private routing with military encryption. Your IP will be spoofed and the real one is impossible to detect.

The privacy of your browsing experience is fully guaranteed.

Not only is this application available for Windows PC but also for other platforms such as Mac or Android in APK format. To guarantee this service, NordVPN makes use of the following features:

  • Double data encryption.
  • High-speed servers in over 1,000 locations all over the world and in 60 different countries.
  • Easy to install and use: download and press ON/OFF.
  • No servers to store your activity log.
  • High speed.
  • Automatic cut-off switch to immediately close the indicated sites that you can't access without a VPN.
  • Proxy extension for Chrome.
  • Protection against DNS leaks.

You might find an important drawback in the fact that you can't use this service for free, unlike others. But you have to bear in mind that the features of NordVPN are too advanced to be able to use them free of charge. The free services of this nature usually come along with quite a few limitations in terms of the number of servers available, the browsing speed or the usage time.

We recommend the full version of this tool as it provides you with everything you need to browse safely and anonymously. For such purpose, you can subscribe to three different plans to use it during a month, six months or twelve months. What are you waiting for?

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