Betternet With Betternet you'll have on your computer a free VPN to browse the Internet anonymously, without restrictions and protecting your private information
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Browse the Internet without any kind of restriction or worry thanks to Betternet. This tool allows you to access geographically restricted sites or webs blocked in your local network, browse anonymously and also encrypts all your connections, protecting your privacy.

Easy and simple, without registries and with just one button.

If you can't access certain information in your country, your university has blocked access to Facebook, you want to protect your identity on the Internet or you're scared of having your confidential data stolen when you access public Wi-Fi networks, Betternet Free VPN is just what you need.

How can Betternet help me out?

  • Leapfrogs restrictions and unblocks websites.
  • Avoids firewalls to watch videos on YouTube or visit Facebook.
  • Doesn't let your ISP spy on you.
  • Avoids that webs can flood you with bothersome adverts.
  • Changes your IP to remain anonymous on the Internet.
  • Encrypt your connection to avoid cybercriminals from accessing your personal details.
  • Multiplatform tool, also available for Mac, Android, iOS and as a browser extension.
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