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Turbo Browser is a complete file explorer for Windows. Download Turbo Browser and discover an explorer with additional functions to work with files

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Turbo Browser is a software application that is similar to a file explorer, with all the functions that these include, but at the same time it includes a great amount of tools to organize your files better and optimize the work that you can perform with them.

  Turbo Browser includes the following utilities:
- Photo editing, with the possibility to change the white balance, eliminate the color cast, redimension the image and many other options.
- Specific management for all kinds of documents. Easily organize files by Adobe Acrobat, Word, PowerPoint,...
- Create DVDs and CDs. Organize your images and documents and save them on a disc.
- Upload and download files and images from servers.
- Includes HMTL, RTF, Script and Hexadecimal code editors.

  Turbo Browser is an application that seems specially focused on graphic designers that work with a very large amount of images and also for web designers. So now you know, download Turbo Browser right away.
Requirements and additional information:
The trial version has certain limitations.
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