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Develop the creative capacity of the kids once you download Tux Paint free. This drawing program is perfect for kids to learn, get a hold of Tux Paint


Drawing and painting program for kids

June 15, 2022
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Tux Paint is a drawing program for children that you will now be able to use on your Mac computer. Thanks to its set of tools the kids will be able to draw and color in, an opportunity to start them off in the world of computer assisted designing which you shouldn't miss.

Tux Paint is a free drawing software application distributed under GPL license. It has been designed for children between 3 and 12 years of age and in fact there are many schools that uses it in class.


  • Kids drawing program.
  • Simple interface with a great range of drawing and painting tools: brushes, drawing tools, rubbers to rub out strokes, magical effects...
  • Includes all kinds of audio effects.
  • Various customization and control options for parents.
  • Print the drawings.

Boost your imagination

Take advantage of your personal computer and Tux Paint to boost the interest of your children in drawing and art. The distribution of the tools on the interface is similar to that of other graphic editing products, with the margins reserved to the tools and the central viewer to complete the strokes.

To will be able to block your PC in different ways to avoid the children leaving the application and accessing the rest of the system, or to avoid that pages are printed without your authorization, for example.

Offer Tux Paint to your children and find out what their artistic potential is.

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