TwoNav GPS


TwoNav GPS allows you to carry out all the preparations from your PC desktop for your sports outings and routes such as jogging, hiking or trekking


Calculate and analyze your nature sports routes

September 26, 2016
8 / 10

To get your maps and routes ready for open-air activities such as trekking, hiking, biking or jogging, TwoNav GPS is the most useful Windows application you can come across. It synchronizes with the mobile versions for Android and iOS so that you can get everything ready from your PC desktop.

Prepared your routes before leaving and analyze them when you get back

This software provides you with the tools necessary so that you can take care of all the details prior to your outings: download maps and create well-designed routes, creating e-Roadbooks where you can include important information about all the waypoints. All the latter can be synchronized with TwoNav on your smartphone, so you'll have access to all that information when you're out and about.

A great tool to prepare your day trips from your computer.

  • Calculate routes.
  • Download tracks and maps.
  • Establish waypoints.
  • Different profiles (hiking, jogging, biking, driving, skiing...).
  • Support for potentiometers to check your performance.
  • Analyze in depth all the details about your route.
  • Synchronization with ANT+ wearable sensors.
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