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Ultracopier is a tool to manage the copies that you make. Download Ultracopier for free and avoid problems when you copy a large amount of documents


Efficient copy management tool

August 18, 2022
7 / 10

Ultracopier is a simple application to manage all the copies that you make. This tool can come in very useful when you have to copy large amounts of information from one folder to another or to a hard drive.

Safe backups of your information

Many times, when you make a copy, a problem occurs and the copy stops. For example, when a group of folders is copied, and a file is being used by an application, the whole copy stops. With Ultracopier this problem won't occur. Each time that you copy and paste, Ultracopier manages these copies, in such a way that if anything fails, it will appear as an error, but the rest of the copy will take place without any problems. It will also allow you to pause the copying process or to jump a file that you don't want to copy.

Ultracopier has all the advanced functions, like limiting the copy speed, manage the copy list or search for files in this list. Once the copy has finished, it will also allow you to review a register where you will be able to see all the errors that have taken place during the copy.

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