SDK VintaSoftImaging.NET makes it easy both to view and edit images for those developers that use the Microsoft .NET platform. Download VintaSoftImaging.NET
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The .NET platform by Microsoft allows programmers to quickly create applications, being one of the aspects in which web development stands out. It is characterized due to its interoperability because it is capable of exchanging processes and data in heterogeneous systems.

Software to work with images in .NET

Some of the inconveniences of the .NET development environment can be found when it comes to working with images. This deficiency can be fixed installing VintaSoftImaging.NET, a pack of tools that make tasks easier like loading, viewing and fixing digital images, converting them to other formats and printing them.

Thus, VintaSoftImaging.NET is an excellent pack of modules focused on the visualization and processing of images to be used for programmers of the Microsoft .NET development environment. It is compatible with a vast amount of image formats, among which you will be able to find: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, JBIG2,... It also supports managing documents in PDF format.

VintaSoftImaging.NET includes extensive documentation, demonstration applications and examples of programming in ASP.NET, Visual Basic .NET and C#. Download it and discover all the functions that it offers.

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Antony Peel
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