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The aim of VoxOx is to centralize all the communications that we take part in on the Internet. Download VoxOx for free to try this communications all-in-one


Access all your Internet communication from a single application

January 14, 2014
8 / 10

Over the last few years, our communication system has evolved exponentially, and currently, we have a large array of communication devices that allow us to connect with the whole world. The idea behind VoxOx is to have an application that will allow the user to have full control of all the communications that take place on his/her computer.

Centralize all our Internet communications

VoxOx is a service that unifies all computer communication channels into a single application: voice, videos, instant messenger, email, fax, social networks, and file exchange. By means of an appealing and intuitive interface, it allows the users to manage all the connections and contacts in a very simple way. Another important advantage is the fact that it allows VoIP at rather decent prices for the majority of calls.

So as to be able to easily control all our communications, this application has a Universal Address Book, which is a tool from which all the communications can be started. All your email, instant messenger, social network and mobile phone contacts will be in this window. All you will have to do is choose the quickest and most simple way to contact your friends and family.

Requirements and additional information:

  • Some services are limited to the USA.
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