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Windows Azure SDK is a pack of tools with which you can create your own website applications. Download Windows Azure SDK and check out all its tools


Toolkit to develop Azure applications

April 12, 2019
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With the improvement of Internet connections and the expansion of web applications, there are more web services available to the users and in this case, it has been Microsoft that has presented a new cloud platform specially focused on developers and companies, the main objective of which is the creation of a web service using a third-party platform, known as Windows Azure.

The tools necessary to create Azure apps

You can now develop your own application so that they can be run using this platform with Windows Azure SDK, a pack of tools that will give the user the possibility to create any web-based service or application, that can later be used on the Microsoft cloud platform without any problem.

With this kit, Microsoft offers you all the tools necessary to adapt your applications or to start to develop new ones, that are focused as web services (which is also known as cloud computing). All the power behind the future Internet application in your hands, thanks to Windows Azure SDK.

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