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Wise PC Engineer is an application for the necessary maintenance of a computer. Download Wise PC Engineer and improve the functioning of your computer

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Wise PC Engineer is a program that gathers various tools to maintain and optimize your PC. As time goes by, computers start filling up with useless files, the memory saturates, and the hard drive starts to become fragmented. All the latter causes the system to work a lot slower, and it is necessary to perform a series of frequent cleaning processes. The good thing about Wise PC Engineer is that with a single application, you will have all the necessary tools available.

  The program is divided into three sections: registry, hard drive and other tools. In each of these sections you will be able to find various tools to analyze your computer and optimize its functioning. Some of the most noteworthy are:

  - Backup of the registry.
- Registry cleaner and defrag tool.
- Start up manager.
- Hard driver cleaner and defrag tool.
- File recoverer.
- Tool to hide folders and files.

  What's more, Wise PC Engineer has a tool to optimize the system's memory, and another tool to encrypt applications so that nobody will be able to use them without your permission.

  Start looking after your computer with Wise PC Engineer.
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The trial version has certain limitations.
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